Little URL Shortener Alpha Release Offers Ad-free Anonymous Functionality

The URL shortener production website has been published, allowing anonymous and ad-free usage. The shortened URLs will be persisted. Create an account to manage them and do much more, such as batch-shorten up to fifty URLs at a time, secure and manage your URLs, and try out the money-making features by adding ads to your links before sharing them.

The website is hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, employs a Content Delivery Network, and uses SSL - all internal addresses as well as the shortened URLs are automatically converted to and served over HTTPS.

The social logins via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are now functional.

The project is currently in alpha stage. Beta is scheduled for March 21st.

Please submit feedback via the contact form or email us directly at [email protected]

Thank you

Published on: 2/22/18, 2:43 PM